Bittersweet Chocolate Santa Claus

The typical chocolate Santa is made with low quality, chalky-tasting milk chocolate.  Although this "treat" can be enjoyed by a young child, these mediocre Santas leave you completely underwhelmed as an adult.  Since Santa should bring joy to children and adults alike, we decided to put our spin on this classic Christmas confection.

Our Santa weighs in at 3 lbs. and stands 16" tall- and making this giant 3D Santa is not an easy feet!  Each Santa mold is meticulously hand-painted with edible metallic paint by our skilled chocolatiers before being coated in our proprietary blend of bittersweet chocolates.  Once the chocolate has set, Santa is unmolded and can stand upright, then he is delicately wrapped and ready for gift-giving.  

Our attention to these small details yields a great reward--a chocolate Santa that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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