About Charles Chocolates

Our Philosophy

Chuck (Charles) Siegel, Charles Chocolates' founder, has always held very strong opinions about what makes great chocolate and those opinions have guided the development and production of every product made at Charles Chocolates.

Key is the belief that chocolates are food--fresh food--and as such they should be made with only the finest ingredients. We make everything by hand when you order and deliver them to you within a few days of their creation. This philosophy has resulted in an obsessive dedication to finding the best chocolates, the finest cream and butter, fresh herbs, fruits and nuts, and not including anything that doesn't belong (preservatives, artificial flavors, etc.).

As a result of our dedication to product first, Charles Chocolates is one of the most acclaimed and award-winning lines of small batch artisan chocolates in the country.


Our Founder

Chuck Siegel has been a part of the San Francisco chocolate scene since 1987. He taught himself everything he knows about the art of chocolate making through trial and error until he perfected the confections that are sold in stores today.

After selling his first chocolate company, Attivo, in 1995, Chuck took a break from making confections to work as a business consultant. Not being able to stay away for long, he founded his second artisan chocolate company, Charles Chocolates, in 2004 where he remains today. With Charles Chocolates, Chuck has set out to make confections using only the finest ingredients. "The guiding philosophy that drives both how we make our chocolate and the ingredients we use," Chuck says, "is that I view every chocolate I make as equal to the worst ingredient I put in it, so we only use the best."