Alfajores: What Is It?

Come Try Our Newest Pastry!

We have recently added alfajores as part of our pastry lineup, and we are hooked!

Alfajores (al-fa-ho-res) are commonly made with a combination of rich dulce de leche (a soft, milk caramel-like filling), two buttery pecan shortbreads, and a gentle coating of powdered sugar. Everything is assembled into a delicious, crumbly sandwich cookie that is simply irresistible! Popular in South America, the alfajor is the perfect treat to satisfy any sweet tooth. This Latin American dessert has origins that trace back to the Moorish occupation of Andalusia, Spain with some culinary experts noting its similarity to other confections common throughout North Africa and the Middle East. From Spain, alfajores were introduced to South America where its popularity grew. As these beloved cookies spread throughout different regions of the continent, the initial Spanish recipe changed, and the alfajor transformed into the unique South American regional varieties found today with many claiming their version of the alfajor as the original.

Today, alfajores are still popular in Spain and commonly eaten around Christmas, but are distinct from the South American varieties which are often available year-round. Although alfajores are commonly made with dulce de leche and powdered sugar, they can be made with other fillings, such as jam and ganache, and are sometimes dipped in chocolate or rolled in coconut among other popular coatings.

With several ways to make alfajores, the recipe we use at Charles Chocolates continues the journey of the traditional alfajor that you know and love. You can find this special South American treat, handmade by our kitchen team and put together with care, at our shop in San Francisco, CA. Watch us make alfajores and our other chocolate creations from 11AM – 7PM at 535 Florida Street. Stop by or find us on social media, and let us know what you think about our newest addition!


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