Making Peanut Butterflies Out of Marmalade

The story behind our peanut butterflies is unique in that it ushered forth two different types of truffles: the peanut butterfly itself and our two yankees and our two marmalades.

Chuck’s all time favorite companion for chocolate is peanut butter and so he began to experiment with creating his own peanut butter truffles. But try as he might, he was never able to achieve a unique flavor, everything just tasted the same and like could already already find on the market. As it happened, one day a friend was visiting Chuck and saw his sheer frustration in trying to create a truly amazing peanut butter truffle and suggested he set that project aside and try something else, to clear his mind. This friend pulled a jar of marmalade from the pantry and suggested Chuck try this in truffles. Always up for a challenge, Chuck toyed around with this ingredient and eventually created our Yankee truffle, named after the person that helped bring it to life. This is also the reason why we sell our own marmalade: we create the marmalades ourselves to go into the Yankee and sell the rest!


It was this break in concentration that Chuck needed as he came back to his peanut butter truffle with a fresh perspective. It was one week later that he was making gianduia, a mixture of finely ground paste made of hazelnuts and chocolate. The thought struck him to replace the hazelnuts with candied peanuts and to use this praline (candied nuts ground to a fine paste) instead of peanut butter for his truffles. Sure enough it worked and ended up giving our peanut butterflies that extra kick they needed.

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