Top TV Shows to Binge-Watch and Their Perfect Chocolate Pairings

Indulge in a dual delight of binge-watching your favorite series and savoring exquisite flavors with our Ultimate Chocolate Bar Collection.

This carefully selected ensemble of 7 premium chocolate bars is not just a treat; it's a gourmet journey designed to complement your series marathon.


Tres Cojones (Triple Nut) Bar

This Is Us

This is us

Our Tres Cojones Bar, with its blend of almonds, hazelnuts, and pine nuts enrobed in bittersweet chocolate, is as multifaceted and heartwarming as "This Is Us". Each nut contributes its unique texture and flavor, creating a family of ingredients that's as compelling and cohesive as the Pearsons'. It's a bar that celebrates life's highs and lows, perfect for savoring during those tear-jerking moments.

Salty-Sweet Pecan Cherry Bar

Big Little Lies

big little lies

The complex layers of "Big Little Lies" mirror the intricate flavors of our Salty-Sweet Pecan Cherry Bar. With the richness of golden-roasted pecans, the tartness of Michigan cherries, and the depth of bittersweet chocolate, this bar captures the essence of Monterey's mystery and elegance.

Salty-Sweet Cashew Bar

The Crown

the crown

Evoke the regal and refined atmosphere of "The Crown" with our Salty-Sweet Cashew Bar. The luxurious blend of roasted cashews, rich milk chocolate, and a hint of fleur de sel is fit for royalty, offering a taste of tradition with a nod to modern indulgence.

Salty-Sweet Hazelnut Bar

The Handmaid's Tale

Handmaid's tale

The resilience and depth of "The Handmaid's Tale" are mirrored in our Salty-Sweet Hazelnut Bar. Each bite, combining the richness of bittersweet chocolate with the crunch of Oregon hazelnuts, evokes the strength and complexity of the series' narrative. It's a testament to endurance and the sweetness that can be found even in the most bitter of circumstances.

Caramelized Cocoa Nib Bar

Mad Men

Mad men binge watch series

The sophistication and complexity of "Mad Men" are perfectly encapsulated in our Caramelized Cocoa Nib Bar. This bar, with its intense 72% bittersweet chocolate and the surprising crunch of caramelized cocoa nibs, speaks to the intricate layers of character and story found in the acclaimed series. It's a nod to the golden age of advertising and the rich, often hidden layers beneath the surface, appealing to those who appreciate the finer, more nuanced things in life.

Toffee Coffee Bar

Gilmore Girls

gilmore girls binge watch series

For those who share Lorelai and Rory's love for coffee, our Toffee Coffee Bar is a dream come true. Combining locally-roasted coffee beans with fresh almond toffee and dark milk chocolate, this bar is the perfect companion for your next "Gilmore Girls" marathon - fast-talking and coffee-drinking optional.

Peanut Praline Bar

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Marvelous Ms Maisel

Just as Midge Maisel breaks the mold in the comedy world of the '50s with her sharp wit and unexpected twists, our Peanut Praline Bar surprises with deep-roasted Virginia peanuts and a hint of praline, wrapped in dark milk chocolate. It's a classic with a twist, perfect for those moments when you're craving a bit of comfort with an edge.


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After all, each piece isn't just chocolate; it's a chapter in the story of your life, savored one bite at a time. 🍫✨

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