Murder on The Bunny Trail 4

Episode IV: Death Row

It’s execution day and Jack “The Ripper” Rabbit will come to his demise. Jack quickly gained notoriety for causing one of the biggest scandals to ever happen in the town of Easter Village. All the residents of Easter Village have anticipated his execution since the arraignment; the exception, of course, being Janis Hoplin, who still can’t believe her son capable of such heinous acts.

The cement floor feels cold against the bottoms of Jack’s feet as he’s escorted down to the chamber of no return. As the prison inmates watch Jack pass their cells down the hallway, the clanking of his chains reverberate unusually loud against the dead quiet of the solemn morning hour. Thoughts run rampant through his mind: Was it worth it? No, the judge was right. My mother will be left all alone. Who will take care of her now? And my father... my father wouldn’t have wanted this-his son, a murderer. This was all for nothing.

With every step he takes, he can feel the rising temperature of the heat emanating from the execution chamber. Jack makes eye contact with his mother after quickly finding her in the crowd of the observation room. Tears roll down her cheeks and hit the floor on the other side of the glass. Jack’s throat tightens and his heart hits his stomach. As sweat beads roll off Jack’s whiskers and quickly evaporate, he silently mouths the words “I’m sorry” to his mother. The switch flips and “The Ripper” is reduced to a slow dripping pool running down the drain.



***No bunnies were harmed in the making of this story. All names of characters are purely for enjoyment and convenience’s sake and in no way affiliated with the associated celebrity.


Written and edited by Hannah Kim & Erica Cortez

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