Chucks Chronicles - September

With everything going on these days—working on developing a bunch of great new recipes and finding ways to make our website even easier to use—I let our 6th birthday pass almost completely unnoticed.

I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to figure out both a fun way to celebrate, and also a way to share something special with all of you. As I mentioned above, I have been working on some new recipes that we will feature later this year when our new flagship store opens. I have decided to share a new treat each month until we open on the 4th floor. They will be available only through our website and in our San Francisco store, and only for a very limited time (7 days from the date of this post).

Our new store will feature not only our confections, bars and treats, but freshly baked goods and homemade ice cream. That is why our first special is something you haven’t seen from us before: the walnut brownie!

This is a brownie recipe that I created over 20 years ago and it has been a favorite of friends and family ever since. I have never been a huge fan of cakey brownies so these are rich, moist and really fudgy. They are filled with fresh toasted walnuts—and lots of them. While we don’t have final pricing for our flagship store and kitchen, I can assure you that this is an amazing deal at $9.50 per package of four.

Finally, the holidays are almost here. Please let us know if we can help you with your personal or corporate gifting this year.


Chuck Siegel

Founder, Charles Chocolates

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