Pate de Fruit

The story behind our pate de fruit takes its roots, like many others, with our founder, Chuck Siegel.  It has always been Chuck’s goal to make exceptional chocolate, and sometimes he took inspiration from his childhood favorites. Our milk caramel is a play on Rolos, our peanut butterflies on Reese’s, and in the case of the pate de fruit was inspired by Jujubes and Jelly Bellys.  However, as with so many mass produced classics, they are made with ingredients chosen for their low price and ease of use, not their quality and taste.  But when he ran across some European pate de fruit while traveling through Paris his idea began to take shape.  Upon his return home he toiled in his own kitchen until he was able to come up with the perfect recipe that you find in stores today.  With 45% fruit, and no gelatin, our pate de fruit is almost like eating the fruit itself.  We use all natural ingredients to capture as much of the fruit’s flavor as possible and create the tender texture that makes our pate de fruit so good.

One year after the release of our classic pate de fruit, we developed it’s equally delectable cousin: our wine pate de fruit.  Upon the request of a company in Napa, we set out to find the best wines and turn them into the candies that Charles Chocolates fans had come to love.  Our kitchen was able to play around with the best varietals of wine and combine them with complimentary fruit flavors to create the exceptional wine pate de fruit you find today.  As with everything we do, the core of our philosophy has always been to create the highest quality product and to do so we use the highest quality ingredients.  But the proof is in the pudding, so to speak, so stop on by the store and try for yourself!

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